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Take me to the Question of the Week Archive Largely, the consensus is that this year's E3 will be the biggest, and most important yet. Three large, powerful console manufacturers will be vying for the attention of the press and retailers,


Take me to the Question of the Week Archive Largely, the consensus is that this year's E3 will be the biggest, and most important yet. Three large, powerful console manufacturers will be vying for the attention of the press and retailers, and you can count on them not pulling any punches. This E3 will be Microsoft's chance to prove its Xbox is a viable gaming platform. Not only is the company expected to announce the console's pricing, but it'll also reveal much of its launch-lineup, and online plans. It's a big time for Microsoft, needless to say, but, insanely enough, it won't be alone...

Possibly the most eagerly anticipated news of E3 will revolve around Nintendo's GameCube. Since it was revealed at last year's SpaceWorld, there has been some pretty deafening buzz about it, from all fronts. People wonder about its games, understandably--rather than having any playable demos, SpaceWorld mostly featured movies that supposedly depicted actual GameCube games in action. E3 was the promised time, however, when Nintendo would supposedly have some playable games. What exactly will be playable, though? We know very little, and can legally tell you even less. You'll have the news first, though, as all these things and more will be publicly revealed at Nintendo's press conference on Wednesday morning, which GameSpot Live will be attending.

Finally, one can't underestimate Sony's presence at the show. With all the "newcomers" that will be making waves at this year's show, it's hard to imagine what Sony has cooked-up to steal some of their thunder. Whatever it is, it has to be big--big enough to keep the PlayStation 2 in the minds of the audience, after whatever possibly groundbreaking announcements are made by its competitors. It's no secret that one of Sony's focuses at E3 will be its online plans. The specifics, though, are still up in the air--will a broadband network be established? When? And if so, what games will it initially support? Big questions indeed.

As you might have guessed, our question this week focuses on E3. Specifically, we're talking about what's most exciting about the show, be it the games, announcements, or just the spectacle. As there is a great deal of stuff going on, expect a huge diversity of responses from all of us. We have to ask though--what are you Discuss E3 at GameSpot's forums!

  Shahed Ahmed
News Editor

There is little doubt that this year's E3 will be a memorable one--perhaps ranking as the best ever when all is said and done. Nintendo, Microsoft, and--to a slightly lesser extent--Sony will be going head-to-head, showing off their latest games and surprising the world with groundbreaking announcements. So, naturally, there is plenty to look forward to at this year's event.

It's on!

However, topping my personal list of E3 must-see games are the titles Nintendo plans to show for its upcoming GameCube console. There are two basic reasons for this. First, we have yet to see any actual games running on the GameCube, and I've never given much credence to technology demos. So, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo's powerful new hardware performs while running actual games. Secondly, it's a given fact that Nintendo has the most prominent franchises, and I can't wait to see the next Mario, Zelda , and Zelda games. E3 will also be a great gauge of where the third-party support of the GameCube stands.

No one can defeat my drunken style!

That being said, I have a feeling that Microsoft will surprise and at the same time impress a few people with the lineup it has planned for E3. We will likely see most of the games from its fall launch lineup, and I wouldn't be surprised to find some of the most visually impressive games at Microsoft's booth. Aside from the officially unannounced games, I can't wait to see more of games such as Zelda , Zelda , and Zelda . Also, I'm hoping and praying that Microsoft shows the new Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon game running on the Xbox--that would truly make my E3.

Will I ever get out of this dark, damp ship?

On an Xbox-related note, the biggest announcement I'll be looking for at E3 this year is the one confirming SquareSoft and Enix's support of the Xbox. Microsoft executives have been hinting at an announcement for some time, and I hope it's settled one way or the other--either those companies are supporting the Xbox or they're not, the kids need to know. The announcements planned regarding the Xbox pricing and launch date will also be interesting.

On the Sony PlayStation 2 front, Zelda and Zelda will be huge, but I've seen a lot of those games already. A new Zelda trailer would be much cooler--one where Snake finally gets off that godforsaken ship and heads into NYC. The industry is holding its collective breath and counting down the last remaining days before E3. I'll find a place near the front of the line and take in all the gaming goodness when the show finally kicks off.

  Shane Satterfield
Features Editor

E3 is always an exciting time in the video game industry, but E3 2001 is going to be the best E3 ever. Why? Normally, we're lucky if there's one console being unveiled in full for the first time at E3, but this year there are two: the Xbox. When you factor in the second-generation PlayStation 2 software that will be shown, E3 2001 will be the biggest, baddest E3 of them all.

Will Nintendo's GameCube games live up to expectations?

If someone told me that I would only be able to check out one thing at E3, it would have to be the GameCube. I simply can't wait to play Luigi's Mansion for the first time next week. Then there's Metroid , Zelda, Rogue Squadron 2, and whatever Rare has been cooking up back in its Twycross studios over the last year. I'm excited to find out about Nintendo's network strategy, what the secret feature of the GameCube controller might be, and Miyamoto's new genre. Since the non-disclosure agreements Nintendo asked developers to sign will be expiring at E3, we should be able to uncover just how willing third-party developers are to get behind the GameCube and create games for it. While there's little doubt that Nintendo's first- and second-party GameCube games will be worth checking out, the number and quality of third-parties signed on to make GameCube games will be a good forecast of the console's future.

Has Microsoft shown too many of the Xbox's games to generate excitement?

Microsoft has already shown too much of the Xbox and its games to make a huge splash at E3, but there are still plenty of goodies left in store. We already know of plenty of Xbox games that will be announced at E3, but I'm still waiting for its killer app. Will we get to see Metroid ? Will Sega's Xbox games be ready to show? Will we finally see an Xbox game that Microsoft doesn't claim is running on half the system's power? While Metroid , Metroid , and Metroid will undoubtedly eat up a good portion of my time, I'm thinking we'll have to see bigger and better things from Microsoft's first console, if it hopes to keep its hype machine rolling.

How much will the Xbox cost?

Perhaps the most interesting of all the Microsoft announcements at E3 will be when the retail price of the Xbox is announced. We already know that Microsoft is prepared to take a huge loss on each Xbox sold, but the question is how huge. I've heard so many theories on the final Xbox price that neither a $500 price tag nor Microsoft's giving it away for free would surprise me. Nintendo delayed the GameCube pricing announcement until after E3 so that it may monitor Microsoft's moves, and it wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo and Microsoft play cat and mouse with one another on pricing. In the end, we know the GameCube will be cheaper, we just don't know how much cheaper.

Will more PlayStation 2 games start to look as good as Final Fantasy X?

The PlayStation 2 is finally starting to live up to some of its hype with several quality games scheduled for release before the end of this year. Working in the industry takes some of the sting out of seeing games like Metroid , Metroid , and Metroid at E3, but there are plenty of undercover PS2 games that will be shown for the first time to keep Sony's console in the minds of journalists and consumers alike. I'm especially excited to check out Naughty Dog's secret game for the PlayStation 2 and anything Konami, Capcom, or Sega has cooking for Sony's black slab. I'm also interested to see if EA will follow the same routine it followed with past consoles and offer minimal upgrades to its sports franchises each year or if it will roll out products that utilize entirely new game engines. If EA can't pick up the pace on its own, then perhaps Sega's Visual Concepts will motivate EA to keep improving its products.

Will Solid Snake finally leave the ship?

Beyond the games and all the hype, I am waiting with bated breath to watch the next-generation consoles wars swing into action. Sony has had the stage to itself up to this point, and it has refrained from pushing a great deal of marketing dollars into selling its PlayStation 2. That strategy will have to change as Nintendo and Microsoft step onto the scene. E3 2001 is shaping up to be the most eye-opening, hype-generating E3 yet, and I personally can't wait to see how it all pans out.

  Miguel Lopez
Assistant Editor

It's kind of hard to fathom that we'll indeed be able to play GameCube games in a little more than one week. For some reason, however, I fear that I'll be disappointed by the particulars of what's shown, GameCube-wise. I realize that this is a very crappy and pessimistic attitude to have, when going into what is surely the biggest gaming-industry event of the year. But, for some reason, I don't see myself playing Metroid, Zelda, or Mario in one week. I hope I'm wrong, of course--and, if destiny is indeed benevolent, then my premonitions will prove false. I guess time will tell, in any event.

It's all good, though--E3 is going to be packed with madness, outside of Nintendo's showing. There will be a host of upcoming games for available platforms that I really want to check, so I'm sure there will be no shortage of stuff for me to do.

More of this.

Primarily, I want to see more of Devil May Cry . While I have a sneaking suspicion that Capcom will lay the very same demo stage that was included in the Japanese release of Code: Veronica Complete on us, I hope that I'm wrong. That level seemed to be a mere smidgen of what will u天龙私服进不去ltimately amount to be a great game, and I can't wait to see what kinds of gameplay sequences Capcom can cram into that game's world. I'm also curious to see what it'll look like, aesthetically--it's influences are obvious, and I'm just wondering how far Capcom's willing to take it.

More of this.

Wow, I just realized that I could start spouting names off the top of my head and still not even scratch the surface. I guess I'll do it for a little while: Hudson's Devil May Cry looks cool, and so do Rockstar's Devil May Cry , Activision's Devil May Cry , Namco's Devil May Cry , and Interplay's Devil May Cry . I also want to play the GBA versions of Devil May Cry , Devil May Cry , and Devil May Cry . Note that these are only the games that are both known and not under a non-disclosure agreement. If we were able to talk freely about what's going down at E3, the list would be twice as long. And that's not counting the stuff that's unannounced.

Microsoft is going to have its work cut out for it at E3. People will want to know how much the Xbox will cost, what its online functions are going to be, and, most importantly, what games will launch with it. This show is super important for Microsoft, obviously, and lots of heads are going to be watching. All I really want to see, however, are the Sega titles--Panzer Dragoon, Devil May Cry , and Devil May Cry , specifically. I'm also curious about what Microsoft has been able to line up in terms of exclusives, as those are what will really set the Xbox apart from the other two machines. Microsoft has been pretty aggressive about this sort of thing, however, so we're sure to be at least a little surprised by what happens.

In any event, I'm counting on a good deal of madness, next week. I really hope to see some mind-blowing next-level stuff at E3--it's about time the gaming industry received a fresh dose of humbling, jaw-dropping enthusiasm.

  Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown by Cinemaware. I had a chance to see the game really early in its development cycle, and it looked amazing. Even though this game is still quite a ways off, it looks like it will take the spirit of the original Amiga game and bring it back to life. I was a huge fan of Cinemaware's games way back when, and I'm really excited to see what they'll have in store for the future.

Click for full-size image
Click for full-size image

Final Fantasy X. I'm not the biggest Final Fantasy fan there is out there (I just recently started playing FFVIII), but I can't wait to get my hands on this game. I'm really glad to see that the first PS2 iteration of the series does not feature the super deformed characters that have become a trademark of many RPG's. Besides that, you can't deny how visually amazing the game looks. Let's just hope the new battle system plays well.

Click for full-size image
Click for full-size image

Silent Hill 2 is another game that I can't wait to see in person. The first game still haunts me to this day, and the more I see on SH2, the more I want to play it, just to see how frightening it will be. If the footage I've seen of it is any indication of what the game is like, I have a feeling that I'll be too scared to sleep for a week or two. Hopefully, there will be some new footage shown at E3.

I could probably go on for days about all the games that I can't wait to see at E3 this year, but honestly, there's just way too many. It makes my head spin just thinking about it.

  2705432Tokyo Game Show , I personally can't wait to get my sweaty hands all over it. I hope it's gruesome, gory, openly satanic, and twisted enough to make people turn away in queasiness.

I'm extremely excited about visiting THQ and getting a good look at Raw is War and Raw is War . Raw is War is my pick for the best wrestling game ever, even toppling Pro Wrestling for the NES, so I'm hoping that we'll get to see more storyline and more of the campy antics that make the television broadcasts so appealing to wrestling fans. From what I hear, wrestling games have been big at previous E3s, with wrestlers making appearances and participating in impromptu matches. I've been to a few wrestling events in my day, and while they were loads of fun, I'm counting on THQ giving us a spectacle worth remembering. I'm thinking WWF celebrities and wrestlers, free T-shirts, game footage, interviews, and midnight rendezvous with female wrestling personalities...the sky's the limit.

I'm hoping to get into some pretty shady dealings while I'm in Los Angeles. Sneaking into the parties I wasn't invited to, smuggling a keg into the hotel room, avoiding another arrest, and somehow explaining to Vince McMahon why his famous female moonsaulting wrestler is running away with me are missions that I'll be more than overjoyed to undertake. I can just see the dialogue now:

VinnieMac: "Gerald, um, I mean, Mr. Villoria, what do you mean she's leaving wrestling for a year?!? This is inexcusable!"

Gerald: "Look here, Vinnie. When [famous female moonsaulting wrestler] and I get married, then perhaps she can go back to your organization, but not until we've settled down!"

VinnieMac: "Yes, sir! Please take this big, fat check on the way to your new beach house!"

Maybe I'm getting a little carried away. Okay, a lot. But while these may just be delusions of grandeur, I'm sure the reality of E3 will be nearly as entertaining.

  Trevor Rivers
Assistant Producer, GameSpot Live!

This question is a lot like asking me, as a young boy, what I was most looking forward to buying at the nearest Toys "R" Us or KB Toys. In sitting down to write this, I found myself obstructed by the same block I would often run into when going to download music from Napster: indecision. When faced with so many options, it's hard to pick one, or even a handful. If I were to do so, this response would turn into one long laundry list of items I'm waiting to see. I'll try to narrow it down to a few...

Did somebody say my name...again?

I, like most other people, am eager to see more of Metal Gear Solid 2 . Many of us have already played the demo through a zillion-and-a-half times, and all that's served to do is increase our appetite for more. Rumors that Konami will have more to show off abound, so I'll be ready to dive on it when the opportunity presents itself.

Anything on the Metroid, specifically. If they have anything to show off, I'll be able to ration out the excitement and anticipation for that game accordingly. I currently feel the same way about that game as many other people--which is to say skeptical--but I'd like to think that Nintendo and their "quality, not quantity" rule will come through for us. I'd also really like to see how the next Mario is coming along. Rogue Squadron 2 has my attention, but I hope there's more to it than Metal Gear Solid 2 ended up having.

Raziel, you are worthy...

Unfortunately, I was absent on the day that Eidos brought Metal Gear Solid 2 by, but judging by our preview and the conversations I've had with the people here who played it, I'll finally be able to play that vampiric storyline through to at least a somewhat acceptable ending. I can't wait to get my hands on the playable demo at E3.

Stop calling me Alucard!

And finally, I want to see more of Metal Gear Solid 2 . Damn, that game is fun. Blood, swords, guns, reapers with giant scissors, more blood, crazy camera angles, and insane action! It even evokes all the feelings of the classic Castlevania-type games, and after Metal Gear Solid 2 , that's a good thing. I have no idea if they'll have more for us to play, but I can hope, can't I?

And I'm going to stop there. That's the core of what I'm most looking forward to seeing, even if it is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

  Jeff Gerstmann
Executive Editor

While many people make E3 out to be some sort of big party, that's really not the case. It's a big, hot convention hall filled with sweaty guys in suits. I manage to get away with wearing a T-shirt and shorts--making me a sweaty guy in a T-shirt and shorts. Anyway, the convention can be a hassle at times, and I'm sure sometime during the show I'll look up at the roof and scream, "When will it end?!?" But there are a ton of cool games that will be shown at E3, so it's a pretty fair trade-off. Here's some brief information on some of the games I'm looking forward to seeing, outside of the obvious "anything for the GameCube, anything for the Xbox" stuff.

Grand Theft Auto 3
Rockstar, PS2

Jack move, sucka!

I was way into the first two GTA games. The third one is just as dope as the other two, only now it's in 3D, letting you do all sorts of ill things that you could only dream of in the first game. Call me "part of the problem" if you must, but damn, blowing up cop cars and beating innocent pedestrians with a baseball bat is just plain fun. The graphics look cool, the storyline sounds cool, and deep down, well, I'm just a carjacker at heart.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PS2), Phantasy Star Online Version 2
Sega, DC
The first game was fun, though the easy cheating was a bit disappointing. I'll admit it--I own a GameShark, and I tried out some of the codes. I had already beaten the game several times, so creating weird MAGs and seeing all the cool weapons breathed a little last-minute life into the game for me, but in the end, you can only spend so many hours stomping through the same four worlds before losing your mind. PSO Version 2 will probably get me hooked on the game all over again, but I think I'd much rather see a full-fledged sequel for one or more of the newer systems hitting the market. And hey, with the broadband connections in these upcoming consoles, maybe they could add voice chat along the way. That'd be pretty cool.

  Axel Strohm
European Correspondent

The closer we get to E3, the bigger the hype gets. I think the most interesting things will be the ones that haven't been announced yet. But one of the things I'm looking forward to most is seeing the GameCube's lineup of games. I guess most of my fellow GameSpot editors will choose a similar "most wanted." New games for new platforms always create excitement among game journalists. Due to this, I'm also looking forward to what Microsoft has to offer at E3, as it will be essential for them to wow everyone attending E3.

Another game I can't wait for is Naughty Dog's new project. I want to know what it's all about, as I'm sure it will blow us away. I've got enormously high expectations, and I know the studio will be watched carefully by the media and consumers alike. After having created a leading game character like Crash Bandicoot, it'll be hard for it to surpass its own achievement. However, the guys at Naughty Dog aren't ones to be lazy, so I'm curious about what they will come up with.

I'm also wondering what Capcom mea天龙私服怎么卡彩名nt when it said that it'll announce a "major new franchise" at E3. After Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, and Onimusha achieving stellar sales, this is certainly going to be huge. Last but not least, I'm curious about the new set of Medal of Honor games. The usual suspects--EA, Namco, and Infogrames--will also surely have few nice surprises, such as Stuntman from Reflections in motion. Or Driver 3, maybe? Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  Ryan Davis
Associate Managing Editor

There's gonna be a lot of stuff at E3 this year. This will actually be my first year working the show, so I'm rather anxious. All the E3 veterans say it's a full-frontal assault on your senses for three days straight. I just hope that while providing you with the best damn E3 coverage possible, I'll get a chance to play around with some of these games.

Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3

Judging from the screenshots that we've seen so far, GTA3 looks to have taken the concepts of the original State of Emergency

Out. Of. Hand.

Again, it seems that the folks at Rockstar Games know exactly what I like: senseless violence and gleeful chaos. This would appear to just be another logical extension of the themes laid down in the Grand Theft Auto series. The shots that were recently released from this game didn't impress me terribly, but I'm still looking forward to getting my hands on this riot game.

Tony Hawk take on surfing games, and I'd like to see just what the hell a wakeboarding game looks like.

The Getaway

There are a lot of games that we haven't heard anything about in a long, long time, such as The Getaway, which I'm hoping will make some kind of appearance at the show. But the games that I'm most anxious to see at the show are the ones that we know about, but aren't allowed to talk about, and the ones we don't know about at all. Every E3 is chock-full of surprises, and I expect this year's to exemplify that.

  Chris Kirchgasler

Give me Liberty or give me death.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Video Preview:
WM - 300K | 100K | 56K
RM - 300K | 100K | 56K

Okay, so maybe no one cares about Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty that much, but there's little doubt that MGS2 is one of the most-anticipated games at this year's E3. I'm right with the masses on this one. After getting glimpses of MGS2 in videos and the Liberty released earlier this year, I find myself, again, in awe of video games. Have you seen all the cool stuff you can do in this thing? Hide in lockers, gracefully maneuver from the catwalk to the platforms below--hell, you can even shoot cardboard boxes and watch their contents spill out. Nothing says immersion like a punctured can of Campbell's soup rolling by your boots.

A face only a few million people could love.

Maybe you're wondering why I'm still so excited about a game that's been hyped to death by both industry and mainstream press, by both fanboy and layman alike. Simple: MGS2 looks like it's going to be a great game, despite all the hype. Sure, there will be the cynics who'll find the game too short, too slow, too easy, too something (there's always something), but for me, the game looks like pure, absorbing fun--you know, the kind of games that the PlayStation 2 has been sorely lacking.

Devil May Cry Video Preview:
WM - 300K | 100K | 56K
RM - 300K | 100K | 56K
No doubt, there are plenty of other titles that are worth checking out. Capcom's Liberty looks tight, and it should be one of those rare 3D action games that will manage to overcome the oblique camera angles and control issues that plague most similarly-styled efforts. In fact, I'm doubly anticipating this one because I'm a big fan of Capcom's past side-scrolling efforts (as noted in a previous QOTW), and I know how fun these kinds of games can be when they're done right.

Even dead presidents light up at the thought of a new Civ.

I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention some of the great PC games that'll be showcased at the show. Liberty (the latest installment in my favorite game series) should be on display, and hopefully it will revitalize interest in old-fashioned turn-based empire building. Liberty (the would-be successor to Half-Life's FPS crown) will also be shown, and it will no doubt have this World War II buff swooning.

This German sees good games on the horizon.

Of course, the best part about E3 is that you never know exactly what's going to happen. Everyone and his mother last year thought that E3 2000 would mark the ascension of the PlayStation 2 (it didn't) and that the Dreamcast would be totally overshadowed by the announcements of three new consoles (quite the contrary, actually). I'm going into E3 2001 expecting that this year's show will have its share of similar surprises.

  Ryan Mac Donald
Executive Producer, GameSpot Live!

I am so excited about this E3, because by the looks of it, it's going to be the most amazing video game convention of all time! I mean, with all of the hype surrounding the announcements about the Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2, it's hard not to be excited. But what I am really excited about seeing, though, are the new Nintendo games. Will we actually get to see a new Mario/Luigi game? Will we get to see a new Metroid game in action? Sure, I've heard reports that claim those games will be there, but I am a big pessimist, and I don't believe anything until the actual moment it happens. That moment, though, is what I'm looking forward to the most--the actual moment when we get to L.A., and get the ball rolling, which actually happens on Wednesday.

The big announcements starting on the morning of May 16th will be nothing short of historic. Microsoft will have their press conference that morning, followed by Nintendo and Sony. The Nintendo press conference starts at 10:30, which you can watch live on our site. The Sony press conference starts at 1:00, which we'll also be webcasting live. It's going to be amazing, and we want to share every moment with you, because there is nothing quite as exciting as seeing a new system or a revolutionary new game in action for the first time.

Once the show starts on Thursday, it's going to be awesome! We'll be going from booth to booth, playing games, taking screenshots, and making movies. On top of that, we'll even be broadcasting live from the show floor every hour on the hour starting at 1PM on Thursday, 11AM on Friday, and 11AM on Saturday. We'll be showing all of the biggest games, interviewing developers, covering celebrity events, and even giving away prizes to lucky viewers.

So while being at the show will be amazing, watching GameSpot Live's web casts of the press conferences, and action all throughout the show floor between May 16th and May 19th, will be the closest thing to being there. So I'll see you all at the show, or at least you all will see me. Either way, you're the winner since you get to see all of the cool stuff at the show, without doing any of the legwork.

Readers Respond:
Internally-developed vs. 3rd party games


Too much party.

I personally feel that first party support is more important, simply because of quality. I own both a Nintendo 64 and a PlayStation, and looking back, I still prefer my Nintendo. I always felt like PlayStation games were short and half-finished... they were glitchy and seemed rushed... Nintendo games, on the other hand, have always been of top quality. First party support is more important because it puts the company itself on the line. When I think of all my greatest gaming moments (with the exception of SquareSoft games), all of them have been on a Nintendo system... In the clichéd war of quantity vs. quality, quality wins again. Proof seems evident enough when I write Nintendo in the dust that sits upon my PS2...

--Name Withheld

Sleight of Mind

First of all, I really liked this question of the week. At first the answer may be simple, right? Wrong. "Normal" people may say the PlayStation is a better system because of all its games, but when you ask a gamer who's been playing at least since the NES days (like me), you'll receive the answer that quality is what matters. I like the PS, but the only thing that made it so great was that people accepted it. But does it have better games than the N64? It may have more types, but when you take into consideration Nintendo's internally developed games, the N64 seems like the perfect example of first-party perfection. You just have to agree that you can't have the same fun with a PS game than you did with Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, and many more. The PS has a couple of good first-party games (like Gran Turismo), but that's it. What gamers need (or at least gamers like me) is quality. I don't care if its first-party or not, but when you think about it, the Xbox has the most difficult path. Microsoft can't guarantee anything firm. But the way things look, Nintendo will always have the best games, and the PS2 is going to have the fame. In my opinion, that sucks. Because your typical gamer is very dumb, and still buys a game because of a flashy cover or a good ad. I hope that Nintendo wins, so we can have even more quality games. The PS2 will then have all the "other" games that don't came out on the GameCube. It's a very bright future indeed.

--Gabriel Solorzano,
El Salvador


You have a crush!

I've been a gamer for a while now. It started with my mom's early addiction to Ms. Pac Man in the convenience store at the bottom of our high-rise. That's when I was 4 or 5. At age 19, I've gained much experience.

When it comes to the question of 1st vs. 3rd party, I'd say both of them are vital, considering the effects it can have on a system. As displayed in the lifespan of the N64, a 2nd party developer can keep a system that's "a bit behind" from receiving the status of "you have a what? What the hell is that?" Conversely, a 3rd party developer opens the horizons. As a die hard Genesis owner, I almost broke down and begged for an SNES just because I was a huge fan of Chun Li. Thanks to the 3rd party support of Capcom, I got Chun Li, and avoided that start-switch-crap by already owning a six button controller. A third party developer saves an owner of say, an N64, from spending 100 bucks for another system just to get one game, like Resident Evil 2. So this argument, in my opinion, doesn't go to either side by default--it would depends entirely on the games developed by the 1st/2nd party teams, and the success of the overall system.

--Name witheld

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